Interesting facts about Walthamstow

There are many places in London which, for some reasons, escape the attention of the general public. Walthamstow is one of such places. If you hope to find any information about this town in brochures about London, you’ll be disappointed. Similarly, you don’t hear about Walthamstow in TV or read about it in newspapers. And it’s a real shame, since the place is really interesting and has a lot to offer.

Walthamstow is located between the North Circular Road, Lee Valley and Epping Forest. Such a location makes it a good starting point for further travel. The first thing tourists usually visit in the town is Walthamstow Market, which is the longest single street market in Europe. This is something the town is really proud of, even though most European aren’t aware of this fact.

facts about walthamstowWalthamstow Market includes about 100 stalls, which makes it a great destination for all shopping-lovers. What can be bought here? Actually everything. Among products you can find fruit and vegetables, clothes, music CDs and many others. No matter what you look for, you’re likely to find it here. An interesting part of Walthamstow’s life is also escorts who are present here. Because of them many men visit the town in search of pleasure.

Escorts from Walthamstow have a very good reputation, and very often rich businessmen invite them to business trips or meetings.  This shows that escorts here really know the business. Therefore, if you look for the enjoyment of the highest quality, don’t hesitate and come to Walthamstow. You can be sure that you won’t regret this decision.