The rise of Stratford

If somebody says “London”, you somehow automatically think of modern skyscrapers and businessmen walking down a street with fancy cell phones in their hands. Unfortunately, it’s not always the case in London. There’re many districts in the capital of England which aren’t or weren’t so prosperous.

Stratford is such a district. In the late 20th century Stratford suffered from a severe economic decline. The working-class community of Stratford had to fight unemployment and poverty. At that time it was a district others avoided. But Stratford is a great example showing than things can change quite quickly. Thanks to efforts aiming to regenerate the area, Stratford is a prosperous area which hosted the 2012 Summer Olympics in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, which was built especially for this occasion.

stratford historyMany claim that this moment symbolizes the rise of Stratford. From a falling and forgotten district, it changed into a place full of live and tourists. Interestingly, the rise of Stratford wasn’t possible only to the 2012 Summer Olympics. There’re many other developments which also contribute to the district’s success. Examples are Westfield Stratford City, improvement of Stratford station or Olympian Tower. All these projects make Stratford big and popular. The changes in this part of London are very visible.

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