Welcome to Mayfair – the land of affluence

London is very diverse, there’s no denying about that. Some districts of the city are poor and it’s difficult to find a job there, while others offer numerous job opportunities are far more affluent. A great example of the area belonging to the second group is Mayfair.

This area is located in the West End of London, in the City of Westminster. The area which names comes from fortnight-long „May Fair”, organized from 1686 to 1764, is well-known as a very prestigious and expensive one. For instance, rents here are among the highest in London and in the whole world, meaning that not everyone can afford a flat here. And, actually, there remains some residential property in Mayfair but a huge area is occupied by the headquarters of international companies, which additionally highlights the luxurious status of the Mayfair.

companies in MayfairCompanies located here are always very proud of this location. Mayfair is also home to various hotels. The prices, as expected, are very high, but the guests coming here are usually upper class, and can afford such comfort. Actually, it’s very easy to find many celebrities in this area. The affluence of Mayfair is visible in one more aspect, namely in escorts agencies working in Mayfair. The standards of the agencies is very high, compared to agencies from different districts. Clients are treated as lords and are provided with a rich offer. Even though the prize is relatively high, it’s definitely worth it. Escorts in Mayfair are women with class who know how to behave in each situation. This doesn’t mean that these escorts don’t have their dirty side – they very quickly turn into bad girls which each man will like.