Many faces of Leyton

Leyton is a very interesting district of East London. Even though Leyton is not the biggest area of London, it deserves some attention. As far as the most basic information about Leyton is concerned, the district borders Walthamstow, Leytonstone, Stratford, Homerton and Lower Clapton

A very important part of Leyton is Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park which is partly located here. The complex was constructed for the 2012 Summer Olympics and the 2012 Summer Paralympics and now is one of the most important tourists attraction in Leyton. But the district has also many other faces. One of them is connected to pleasure.

Leyton at nightIt’s not a secret that in Leyton there are many escorts agencies. For those who don’t know escorts are professional sex workers, also known as call girls. They’ve become an important part of the district and nobody has any objections. The agencies are run in a professional way, thanks to which locals don’t even notice they that such places are located here. Moreover, escort agencies are beneficial for the district’s popularity, since they lure men looking for adventures and enjoyment.

Another face of Leyton concerns education, which is very important for this district. For instance, Leyton Sixth Form College, which is located here, is the best college for sport in London, which the district is very proud of. Because of the above, many prominent people live or used to live in Leyton. Some examples are Sir Michael Hicks, Sir Thomas Roe, Bobby Crush or Steve Harris. This shows that many faces of Leyton make it a very interesting place to live and spend time in.