The fascinating and diverse London Borough of Harrow

London is usually described as a very diverse and dynamic city. Many people wonder what makes London so varied in many spheres. The answer is its boroughs. Each borough of London is different and contributes to the overall picture of the capital of England. However, it gets even more interesting when a borough itself is very diverse. A great example is Harrow. It’s a borough of north-west London and borders Hertfordshire, Hillingdon,  Ealing, Brent and Barnet. As already said, one of the reasons why Harrow is so fascinating is its diversity.

For instance, the borough has 63.8% of its population coming from the Black and Minority Ethnic communities. Moreover, Harrow is proud to have the biggest populations of Sri Lankan Tamils, Gujarati Hindus as well as Jains in the UK. People coming from different cultures makes the borough an incredibly interesting place. All the people bring different values to the Harrow’s community, which makes the atmosphere in the borough extremely vibrant. It’s like being in different countries at the same time.

image of HarrowReligion also clearly highlights how diverse Harrow is. As per the 2011 census, 37.3% of Harrow’s population as their religion declared Christianity, 25.3% Hinduism, 12.5% Islam and 4.4% Judaism. This makes Harrow the most religiously diverse borough in the UK. It should be mentioned that even though people here have various religious backgrounds, they all respect each other and make Harrow a safe place to live. Another sphere of life which shows the borough’s diversity is the forms of entertainment. The area is full of classic British pubs, but next to them there are numerous escort agencies. And actually the mentioned escort agencies are something Harrow is famous for. Anyone looking for real fun comes here. The agencies are full of women just waiting to please men.

Moreover, the escort agencies in Harrow are very professional. For instance, they enable clients to choose their preferences online before actually visiting the agency. In this way men can choose what kind of girl they want to meet and what exactly then want to do before leaving their homes. Later they just go to the escort agency and let the ladies take care of everything. It’s very practical, isn’t it? This makes Harrow a popular destination both for locals and foreigners. But of course escorts are not the only reason for visiting Harrow. Everyone will find here something suitable for them. No matter whether you’re into museums, parks or football stadiums, you’ll find it here! So, if you ever come to London, don’t forget to visit Harrow, it’s going to pay off.