Everything you need to know about Essex

It’s hard to deny that London is an extremely interesting city. It’s full of landmarks, vibrant restaurants and interesting museums. However, contrary to what many people claim, there’re many places worth seeing which are located outside of the city center. One of such places is definitely the whole county of Essex. Let’s have a closer look at this area.

Essex is located north-east of London. The county city is Chelmsford which is undoubtedly the most known city in this area. Even though the county includes mostly rural places, in Essex there’re also urban areas like London Stansted Airport which  serves over 170 destinations across Europe, North Africa, Central and North America. There’re many places of interest in Essex. The easiest to mention are the church of St. Peter-on-the-Wall, Colchester Castle or Hylands House. Even though these places aren’t found in most brochures about London, they’re definitely worth a visit. They embody the rich history of the county and lure tourists from all over the world.

Essex in EnglandBut Essex is not only about history. Actually, the county is home to many vibrant restaurants where people can spend evenings in a very pleasant atmosphere. The pubs here are typically English which makes them a perfect destination for people who want to feel the real, British atmosphere. Another important part of Essex’s is, as in most counties, sport. The are two main football teams in Essex. The one is Southend United and the other is Colchester United. Both team used play in the Championship, now they are in lower divisions. Despite that, the stadiums during their games are almost full and supporters eagerly motivate their players. If any football fan visits the county, seeing a football game is a must. Sometimes, in domestic cups like FA Cup, one of the teams gets to play against big clubs like Arsenal or Manchester City which gets a lot of the attention from the local football community.

Another thing in Essex which should be mentioned is escort agencies. It’s something of interest for men visiting this area. In the county there’re numerous escort agencies which provide men with the entertainment of the highest quality. The escorts here are notably committed to their work and always go to great lengths to satisfy their clients. Moreover, the prize of their services is really affordable. Both locals and foreigners can easily afford a visit in an escort agency. All this makes Essex a very interesting county. Anyone coming to London should consider a visit here. It’s almost guaranteed that the time spent here will be remember here for a long time.