A brief guide to the London Borough of Croydon

Are you planning a trip to London? Or maybe you don’t know where to go next and look for a fancy destination. In either case there’s a place which will meet your expectations. This place is the London Borough of Croydon and this text aims to briefly present this fascinating borough. Starting from the most basic information, the London Borough of Croydon is located in South London and belong to the so-called Outer London.

Interestingly, Croydon is the largest London borough by population. Croydon used to be a small market town but it has undergone a huge transformation. Now it’s one of London’s financial and cultural centers and keeps on growing. One of the most important aspects Croydon cares about is culture. The Croydon Council wants all forms of culture to be accessible for the people living here, and, as a part of this concept, it created a Public Art Strategy which is supposed to help achieve the above goal. A direct result of this strategy is an event called Croydon’s Summer Festival, which is hosted in Lloyd Park. It’s a two-day music festival, which focuses both on the local and international music. The event proved to be a huge success and every year attracts both locals and people from other cities or even countries. Each fan of music planning a trip to London should make sure that Croydon’s Summer Festival is on their list of things to do.

what to do in CroydonAn important part of Croydon’s culture life is also Fairfield Halls, Arnhem Gallery and the Ashcroft Theatre. Here people can see productions such as drama and opera, but these places are also home to many other cultural activities. While being in Croydon, it’s worth checking what’s currently on, since there’s always something interesting to see. In the London Borough of Croydon there’re three local newspapers. The first one of them is The Croydon Advertiser, the second the Croydon Post and the last one the Croydon Guardian. All newspapers provide locals with the most important information concerning the borough, which makes them quite popular.

Since Croydon is a developing borough, it’s relatively easy to find a well-paid job here. Retail and enterprise are the sectors which offer the most jobs. Because of that Croydon is quite popular among foreigners looking for a job in London. Speaking of Croydon, there’s one more topic which should be mentioned. The topic is quite sensitive, but it might be of interest for many men. In Croydon it’s really easy to find escorts who are paid for spending time with men and pleasing them. It’s an important part of the borough, even though this information isn’t found in official guides. The escorts in Croydon are known for their professionalism. Actually, people from other parts of the country come here, since the reputation of the local escorts’ is so favorable. So, if somebody looks  for entertainment of that kind, Croydon is the right destination.