The business center of London

London is famous for many things. The capital of England can boast about numerous landmarks, traditional, British pubs or an international community. Another thing which London is associated with is Canary Whorf. It’s a business district located in East London.

For many people, especially those interested in finance and business, that’s the first association with the capital of England. It can justifiably be said that Canary Whorf is the heart of London’s finance. For this reason, this districts is home to many of Europe’s tallest buildings. It’s also a place which gives many people a job. There’re different data on this topic but approximately 105,000 people make a living in Canary Whorf. This number is astonishing and shows how important this district is for the whole city.

canary whorf business districtMany international companies and banks have their headquarters here. Some examples are: Barclays, Citigroup and HSBC. This shows how prestigious this area is. Even though the rent here is relatively high, companies still want to have their offices in this part of the city. Of course, earnings in Canary Whorf are also higher than in other districts of London. That’s why getting a job here is a dream for many people. And in order to make this dream come true, you need a lot of experience, since only the best are employed here.

There’s one other face of Canary Whorf which is not so often mentioned. Even though the district if full of modern skyscrapers and international companies, there’s also place for escort agencies here. Many of them have chosen Canary Whorf as their home. And the escorts working here really match the environment. They’re women with class who are waiting for real businessmen and gentlemen. Services of escorts in Canary Whorf are definitely of the highest standard. The women can easily be compared to ladies which know how to behave in each situation.